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Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

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My First Term at Westbourne

Here are a selection of comments from the Year 6 students who joined Westbourne in September:

I came from Castle Hill school; Westbourne is actually a really fun place and it turns out I’ve made soooooo… many friends whilst being here, by just being myself and being kind + helpful.

It’s a quite a big change from being the oldest in school to the youngest and smallest, but after a while you just get used to it..

I used to be a pupil at Whitehouse community primary school. When I started at Westbourne I was really nervous about being the youngest and not knowing where any of the classrooms were. However when I arrived at Westbourne I found that it was really easy to adapt to the school and only takes you around a week to get to know where all the classrooms are and where everything else is.

Hi I come from Whitehouse Community Primary School.  The transition from primary school to high school was a big change but you will soon get used to it, the people here are very kind and helpful. I am sure you will all love it when you get here, all the help you need will be here.

I used to be a pupil at Dale Hall Community Primary School. I was really nervous and a little scared of what Westbourne was going to be like, although mostly everyone is. Once you get to High School there really isn’t anything to be scared of. For the first two weeks year 7’s have a pair of older students who help each form out. They also lead you to your lessons and help you with any worries you have or any concerns..

Hello I came from Springfield Junior School and  was worried about coming up to high school because when I was in year 6, I heard a lot of stories about Westbourne Sports College, you should not believe the stories that people tell you because they are lies, people say that so they scare you, the best thing is to don’t worry about them stories, unless they say something nice!

High school is nothing to worry about ok, it’s big but it’s nice  - you make lots of friends. I’m very glad I came to Westbourne. I came from St Matthews.

On the induction days you get a little taster of what Westbourne is like. Westbourne is bigger than your primary school but there are many people that will guide you around the school.

And finally..

I am sure you will all love it when you get here, all the help you need will be here.

I hope to see you here at Westbourne until then good luck!

Hope you are a little bit less worried now  

Here at Westbourne you make a lot of new friends, most of them are life time friends.

The school is very good, and my confidence has built up a lot!!

Being at Westbourne Academy makes you realise what you can achieve in life.